Master In-Depth Techniques To Finishing Your Painting With Epoxy Resin

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All the tricks, tips, and methods in a step-by-step course created by an internationally recognized artist who will change how your paintings look forever.

You probably have seen other artists on YouTube or Instagram use Epoxy Resin finish and love the shiny look. You might even have tried it out… only to find out it’s a little more complex than you thought. 

But don’t worry… This course will help you master your painting finish, no matter if you are a complete newbie, hobbyist, or experienced artist. 

Introducing NEW Epoxy Resin Finish Mastery Course that teaches you how to turn your painting into in-demand Stunning Centerpiece for any home.

Make your paintings look PROFESSIONAL

This online course has everything you need to take you from a beginner level all the way up to experienced Resin Master, giving you the skills, information, and guidance you need to enhance your beautiful art with a chic glass-like finish.

Stop WASTING time, money, and paintings on DIY solutions 

Are you frustrated with free online tutorials and videos that never give you the full picture or the essential information you need to be successful? If you’re tired of wasting your time and are ready for beautiful and consistent results, this course will help you master the skill of resin finish application.

Master TWO Advanced Resin Application Methods

Different painting substrates require different approaches when you work with epoxy.
In Method #1 you'll learn resin application technique on wood panels and other rigid substrates. I'll share my best tips for flawless results and a perfect wood edge finish. You will also find out when, how, and why to apply the second layer without sanding.
In Method #2 you'll get to know how to effectively apply resin on canvas for perfect edges and sides coverage. As well as when, how, and why to sand resin before the second layer.

Learn how to use Epoxy SAFELY

Like any other chemical, if not handled properly, Epoxy Resin can potentially be dangerous to your health. This course will show you how to take safety precautions, what to pay attention to, and how to choose personal protection equipment so you can handle Epoxy Resin with confidence.

NEVER worry about ruining a painting AGAIN!

What’s more frustrating than spending hours on a painting only to ruin it at the last step? You’ve worked hard, and you don’t want to ruin it. Learn how to properly use Epoxy Resin to finish your painting and enhance the vibrancy of your artwork with a bubble-free and dust-free finish.


Meet Olga Soby

Olga Soby is an internationally recognized fluid artist. Her work is displayed in private collections in over 15 different countries around the world. She has over 8 years of experience and has taught thousands of students how to properly use Epoxy Resin. It is Olga’s go-to finish that helps her attract more buyers and creates her famous flawless results that she is known for. 

Olga has made all the possible mistakes, ruined so many paintings, encountered all the possible problems, and as a result discovered the solutions. She understands exactly what frustrations you are going through when finishing your paintings and can help you overcome your challenges. 

Olga is a specialist in fluid media. She is constantly experimenting with new mediums, textures and embellishments which pushes her constantly to new creative horizons. She draws her inspiration from Nature, and one of her biggest priorities is to ensure that her creative process is environmentally friendly.  

Even if you didn't have a successful Epoxy Resin finish experience or if you are a complete newbie - you can become an absolute master! 


It can be easy to repeat the same mistakes and keep ruining your painting if you don’t have your technique down. 

This course gives you a proven methodology that works every single time. You get the exact steps, the tools, and precise measurements. No guesswork is required.

What’s covered in this course:

Get to know which Resin BRANDS and Tools are the Best to work with

There are dozens of different Epoxy Resin brands to choose from, and many artists end up picking the wrong one which gives them disappointing results. In this Mastery Course, you get exclusive access to Olga’s most recommended brands. You’ll also discover the best way to preserve, store, and extend the shelf life of your Epoxy Resin. See Olga’s go-to Epoxy Resin tools with links and instructions on how to use them so you can apply the finish quicker and easier.

Discover how to CALCULATE the right amount of Resin for your painting size

No experience is required to enroll in this course. You’ll be guided from the basic principles right up to advanced techniques so by the end, you’ll look and act like a Resin Finish master.

Understand how to effectively set up your table, lights, and painting

Preparation is the key to the flawless results you want. In this Mastery course, you learn the best way to setup your workspace and tools. You’ll also learn the waiting time before applying resin, and when, why, and how to apply a sealer coat to your painting. In addition, Olga will teach you the most effective workflow to minimize dust and how to protect your floor and table from resin.

Learn how to avoid AIR BUBBLES, fisheye, dust, and other common problems!

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with Epoxy Resin application process. Learn the common ways to prevent air bubbles, dust, hair, and other particles for a beautiful finish. You’ll learn advanced Resin application methods that will allow you to achieve a perfect glass-like finish on rigid substrates like wood panel or canvas and will make your painting Instagram-worthy!

Never have Resin and paint bleeding under the TAPE again

Discover the most effective methods to apply and remove the tape to create perfect wood edges and achieve a sophisticated look for your artwork.

Easily HIDE cracks and other flaws in your painting 

Got some cracks or textural imperfections in your painting? No problem! In this course, you’ll learn how to take care of imperfections using Epoxy Resin. Finishing your painting with a glass-like coat will give your artwork that extra wow factor that will leave your friends, family, and clients stunned.

BONUS Section - Give your painting that “Starry Effect”

As an added bonus, in this course you will learn how adding pigments can enhance your painting and help you achieve that extra radiance and shimmer.

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Get all your questions answered directly from the instructor

You’ll have direct access to Olga and will be able to ask her any questions you might have. In addition, you’ll get fresh bonus content monthly that will deepen your understanding and cover all of Olga’s best insights and updated tips.

How The Course Works:

  • You’ll get instant access to all lectures, instructional videos, and downloadable materials (6 modules broken into 25 video lessons in total).
  • Every month you’ll get new bonus video lessons based on students’ questions and requests  
  • You’ll get 24/7 access to all course materials and can learn at your own pace. 
  • Enroll with confidence - 14-day, no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee

A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Course With 21 Videos

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14-day, no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee